IKEA introduces the latest edition of the IKEA Catalogue for 2017 highlighting Democratic Design…Design for Everyone

Phuket August 2016: IKEA recently introduced the latest edition of the IKEA Catalogue for 2017 featuring a wide range of home decor ideas and new collections that bring to life the IKEA identity and concept through the implementation of democratic design, which steers everything we do. At IKEA, we are not just making things; we are making things better. Democratic design consists of five pillars including, Function: to really make everyday life easier and more meaningful, Form: to make the world more beautiful, Quality: to make everything last longer and age gracefully, Low Price: to make it affordable for many people, and Sustainability: to make products responsibly and to have an improving impact on people and the planet. In addition, 13 feature articles will take readers on a journey around the world. The aim is to display inspiring examples of how IKEA connects with diverse people in different cultures.


Mr. Nontacha Ketwetsuriya, Store Manager of the IKEA Pick-up and order point in Phuket, said, “The IKEA Catalogue for 2017 features updates on topics such as new collections, new decor ideas, and perspectives on living from people around the world. We will provide our customers with new shopping experiences such as a newly-decorated showroom with new props, a new main entrance that reflects the style of the catalogue, more ‘touching and feeling’ in the sofa range, and access to 1,200 new products through the IKEA website and IKEA Catalogue. We are sure that these updates will better suit the lifestyles of people in the South. We will start distributing approximately 200,000 copies to people living in Phuket and parts of Phang-nga from August 25, 2016. To usher in the 2017 IKEA Catalogue, we will arrange a special activity every day between 10:00 and 21:00, from August 25 through September 4. Customers who show a flyer inserted in the 2017 IKEA Catalogue will receive a free hotdog at the IKEA Pick-up and order point.”

Interested customers can grab their copy of the new IKEA Catalogue at the IKEA Pick-up and order point located on Bypass Road, Phuket.

Catalog 2017 for press