XANA Beach Club 4th Anniversary Pink Party with DJ Soda

Phuket, Thailand, 11th March 2016 – XANA Beach Club Celebrated 4th Anniversary Pink Party with DJ Soda as the main act of the event along with a all female cast with part profits going to Queen Sirikit Breast Cancer research.


On the 11thMarch DJ Soda Continued the party with her hip hop beats and adorable signature dance moves. She brought the noise in a big way, galvanizing the crowd with her special brand of rousing dance-moves. Jump started the night DJ Roxy June a long-time club favorite whose wild style has shaken the dance floor the night show casing her talent as number 1 Thai Female DJ Skills. The evening concluded with DJ Rasskazova who is a Long time Xana Beach Club favorite DJ.


XANA Beach club set the tone for its 4th successful year running, stay tuned for more!