An elegant Chocolate look in your home DMHOME Thonglor showroom

Saying “Life is like a box of chocolate” Do you know why? … Because you never know what you’re gonna get. It’s like our lives that full of happiness, joy or even sadness. Chocolate is all time favorite for all ages. And it is in all the part of our lives. When we’re sad we eat chocolate to make us feel better. When we fall in love we use chocolate to say the words. Don’t you see that chocolate is our best friend.

So why don’t we bring our best friend into our lives. Chocolate color is one of top-notch choice for home decoration. It’s all time classy, chic and contemporary. The color of chocolate is the warm color, you’ll get the good feeling when you stay in the room that has decorated with the chocolate colors, It’s like some said its color are just next to nature of the wooden color alike. It’s easy to match your own style with the chocolate colors.

At DMHOME Thonglor Building 2, we are happy to celebrate the World Chocolate’s day. We set some room scenes with the sophisticated set of Chocolate Furniture (Made in Italy) showcase and we also offer chocolate candies to our customers to enjoy the sweetness. It’s starting now, from 10.00 to 19.00. We bring variety design of furniture in chocolate colors for you to add up the perfection to your home.For further information visit orcall 02-365-0789