The new series of experiences offers travellers an opportunity to see a section of Myanmar that has largely remained unvisited by other tour operators, with ASIA DMC only able to offer these itineraries due to its deep long-term local relationships. These new trips seek to expose travellers to the remote experiences, unknown places and authentic encounters available throughout the region.

One of the many features that make these tours unique is ASIA DMC’s dedicated focus on the life of local people. Using their long-standing relationship with local families and individuals, ASIA DMC offers authentic insights and colourful experiences such as the traditional medicine tour in Yangon or the ‘off-the-beaten-track safari’ in Bagan.

The Authentic Odysseys series further features a range of brand-new experiences from full-day trips to multi-day adventures. The ‘Yangon Art Gallery Tour’ gives travellers an opportunity to explore Yangon’s thriving art scene by leading them through the most popular art galleries and letting them chat with the most famous artists from the region.

In Mandalay, travellers are offered the chance to volunteer as teachers at a local Buddhist monastic school where ASIA DMC donate schoolbooks.

These experiences highlight ASIA DMC’s ability to create new, unique itineraries, which would be impossible without their unique relationship with the local populace. These experiences also highlight ASIA DMC’s strong ethos of social and environmental responsibility, an ethos that influences the way tours are created.

“It has become increasingly difficult for customers to experience a true, local, authentic travel experience in Myanmar,” said ASIA DMC Myanmar managing director Gerben Bloemendaal. “We are very excited to provide travellers with this opportunity and look forward to offering even more experiences within Myanmar.

“It is a destination which offers an extraordinary opportunity to tour operators. There is a lot of potential with the right relationships in place and knowledge of the country. We are pleased to be able to offer both of these key elements along with our long term view to give back, work with communities and offer sustainable travel experiences.”

Myanmar shares a similar seasonal structure to Thailand, with a winter, summer and a Green season, each of which has its own advantages with relation to traveling. For those looking to see the beauty of Myanmar themselves, we recommend visiting the Mergui Archipelago – a group of 800 almost entirely deserted islands – only open to foreigners since the 1990’s it remains one of the planet’s most unspoilt destinations.


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