‘Central Phuket’, the beach lifestyle destination at the heart of Phuket, celebrates ‘The New World of Luxury’ with the first launch of world-class luxury brands

Phuket (25th April 2019) Central Pattana Plc. (CPN), the operator of Central Phuket, the global beach lifestyle destination at downtown Phuket, is holding an exclusive celebration entitled ‘The Unveiling of the New World of Luxury’ to open its luxury zone, the only center for luxury brands in the heart of Phuket at Central Phuket, including ALEXANDER MCQUEEN, BALENCIAGA, BVLGARI, CHLOÉ, GUCCI, HERMÈS, LOUIS VUITTON, PMT THE HOUR GLASS, SAINT LAURENT, SALVATORE FERRAGAMO and VERSACE.

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There will also be a grand celebration for a prestigious exhibition entitled ‘Universe of Sirivannavari: The First View From Paris to Phuket’, which H.R.H. Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana is graciously allowing to be held for the first time in Thailand at Central Phuket Floresta from 28th April to 26th May 2019, and ‘Central Phuket Dazzling Flora Night’, an exclusive party that will lighten the night with an LED decorated flower garden, reflecting a luxurious lifestyle image combined with the majestic rain forest of Phuket.  Enjoy Jazz from world-class artists such as Keithen Carter, Aya Takazawa, Frank Herrgott, Koh Mr. Saxman and ‘Kam’ Witchayanee Piaklin.  A-list celebrities, well-known actors and actresses will also participate in the event.

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Mr. Pakorn Partanapat, Senior Executive Vice President – Commercial Workgroup of CPN, said: “Central Phuket has the concept of ‘The Magnitude of Luxury & Leisure Resort Shopping Destination’ in the form of a ‘Beach Lifestyle’, which perfectly matches Phuket as a beach city comparable to the world’s greatest beach cities. Global luxury brands believe in the potential of Central Phuket as the first luxury mall outside Bangkok. Central Phuket will gather together the ultimate in luxury, equivalent to that available at Central Embassy. Our aim is that Central Phuket will become a shopping destination where the world of fashion culture meets lifestyle in order to meet the needs of high-end customers, with products and services that offer a ‘Priceless Experience’, which is something that high-end customers want.”

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“On the occasion of the opening of the luxury zone, we are holding ‘The Unveiling of the New World of Luxury’, where Central Phuket is honored by H.R.H Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana, who is graciously allowing the ‘Universe of Sirivannavari’ exhibition to be held. It will gather together a total of ten collections of the Sirivannavari brand, from when it was founded in 2008, up to 2018. This exhibition will be held for the first time in Thailand at Central Phuket although it was previously held in Paris as an international demonstration of the Princess’ remarkable talent for fashion design.  The exhibition will be held on the first floor of the Floresta building from 28th April to 26th May 2019.  In addition, we will also create a night of luxury with an exclusive party under the theme of ‘Central Phuket Dazzling Flora Night’, where we invite special guests to experience the luxury from the Princess’ exhibition and hold special activities from luxury brands celebrating new branches at Central Phuket,” Mr. Pakorn said.

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Universe of Sirivannavari: The First View From Paris to Phuket. The exhibition theme is elegant, comprising a simple structure with hidden details and a universe of unconventional creativity and ‘Infinity Space’, putting together stories through the Princess’ paintings and telling the background and inspiration behind each collection.  In this exhibition, visitors will immerse their audio-visual senses and be able to absorb her talents as a fashion designer.  There is a total of ten collections including: ‘Presence of The Past’ (2008), ‘Ethnic Rock’ (2009), ‘Human DNA’ (2014), ‘NAPOLEONIC’ (2015), ‘Mystical Garden’ (2016), ‘Serenity’ (2017), ‘Horse, Helen and Henri’ (2018) and a special collection called ‘The Way of Silk, The Way of Thai’ (2005). Furthermore, inside the exhibition hall, ‘The World of Sirivannavari Atelier’ will be presented in the form of media content reflecting her new and unique perspective on fashion design as well as the exquisiteness and fine details in the embroidery of a master craftsperson.


Central Phuket is a global lifestyle destination comprising a shopping center that has world-class luxury brands and is ready to welcome both Thai and foreign customers.  The luxury zone includes leading brands such as ALEXANDER MCQUEEN, BALENCIAGA, BVLGARI, CHLOÉ, GUCCI, HERMÈS, LOUIS VUITTON, PMT THE HOUR GLASS, SAINT LAURENT, SALVATORE FERRAGAMO and VERSACE.

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The design of Central Phuket combines literature with modern architecture and melds both abundant nature and the charm of Phuket. There are various photo attractions within the shopping center such as ‘Cocoon’ – a curved ceiling inspired by fishing craft as well as outstanding architecture in Sino-Portuguese style; ‘The Great Epic’ –  a two-storey sculpture from the Ramayana simulating the battle between Rama and Ravana; ‘The Enchanted Garden’ –  a simulation of Dawadueng (second heaven where Indra dwells), which was designed with the help of Thai artist Korakot Arromdee, whose artistic skill was assured after winning the Contemporary Artist Award at the Silapathorn Award2017 and  ASEAN Selection 2017.  ‘Rakang’ (or the bell) at this installation was designed to be in proportion with the ancient style despite having a contemporary look.


“In addition to ‘Luxury and Leisure’, Central Phuket also meets the needs of a luxurious lifestyle and leisure at a beach city.  We also offer a new dimension of tourism that will attract people from around the world under the concept of ‘The World Comes to Play’ in order to become a destination where everyone can come to play, following their own lifestyle.  We offer an ‘All in One Place’ experience, where you can enjoy one whole day in one single place.  We introduce never-seen-before world-class attractions such as ‘TRIBHUM’ – the world’s first 3D walkthrough adventure theme park with a large feature calledSilver Mountain’ (as high as a two-storey building) and many more special rides to highlight the fun.  ‘AQUARIA’ – Thailand’s largest capacity aquarium, where you can encounter more than 180 species of marine life and more than 15,000 species of fish from around the world in 12,000 m2 of space, and ‘Tales of Thailand’ – whichreplicates the Thai way of life and architecture in the four regions (North, Central, Northeast and South),presented in a contemporary style, with the highlight being the large replica floating market that reflects the Thai identity,” Mr. Pakorn concluded.