3-Course Wine Pairing Classy and Comfortable Dining Experience at [email protected]

The concept of our menu is based on the gastronomic truism that simplicity is tasty. Using excellent ingredients, we can actually cook with less seasoning while keeping the natural flavors vibrant. Our chef creates every dish, with the knowledge gained from his deep experience, to inspire diners with every bite. Diners can savor every dish like a work of art, designed exquisitely, directly from the heart. It is an eye-feeding experience as well. The epicurean journey is complete with selected fine wines that perfectly compliment every dish. Lastly, and importantly, all our new dishes are served at a reasonable price.

The 3-course set menu at [email protected] is offered for only THB 1,200 ++ and offers diners some incredible choices,specially created by our inspired chefs, as well as fine andlovely wines from around the world. Starters include Iberico ham and goat cheese, a beautifully plated dish with two tastes in perfect harmony, and a breadstick for balance; a simple decorated but bursting with flavor appetizer, pan-fried foie gras; imported Ora King Salmon from New Zealand; a rich seafood broth served with beautiful scallops with a taste of Thailand by using tomatoes from Chiang Mai; and an eye-catching purple-themed dish, a salad with roasted baby beets, vibrant and full of flavor, with feta cheese and reduced balsamic dressing.

The menu’s main courses are the stuff of culinary dreams. The juicy taste of the free-range corn-fed spring chicken roasted with feekah has a unique taste and texture. With a tint of cinnamon and some baby pink apples and carefully wilted spinach, this dish redefines everything you thought about chicken. Destined to be a favorite among Thai diners, the fish filet served with Thai Jasmine rice is a light, refreshing dish.

Higher-end dishes include Boston Lobster. Marvelously tasty and chewy, it is guaranteed to pair perfectly with one of our white or sparkling wines or Champagne from our list of quite impressive list. And of course, a classic rib-eye is available for all you steak lovers, as juicy as you could wish and cooked precisely to your preference. Carefully hand-rolled truffle tortellini by our chefs is filled with a, baby globe artichokes, heirloom carrots and garden peas, and finished with a light vegetable nage with butter and torn cage.

 For those with a sweet tooth, don’t you worry. Our chefs have created five fabulous desserts to choose from, which will all on their own keep you a returning guest. They cover range from fruity all the way to sweet chocolate flavors. A Bangkokian favorite, with an extremely well-balanced sweetness combined with the fresh flavors of the tropical Thai fruit, lychee, is entitled: Iced poppy seed and lychee honey parfait on a marinated orange and mint lychee surrounded by crushed peanut caramel brittle. But the pleasure is far from over.

The soft and creamy Vairhona chocolate and mint layered mousse is heavenly and our hard-to-find tartlets of lavender cream, set in a sweet short crust tartlet and accompanied by a floral lavender strip, and garnished with broken meringue and physalis, would be sinful if
they weren’t so delectable! A classic crème brûlée with seasonal fruits and vanilla ice cream is the perfect finish to any meal, but, last but not least, a delicious welcome to Asia can be discovered with a dish of fresh, seasonal fruits from the tropics, served with citrus sorbet.

How refreshing!
[email protected] is open for lunch daily from 11:30 – 14:30 hrs and for dinner 18:00 – 22:30 hrs, and is located on the 2 nd floor of Conrad Bangkok.
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