BANGKOK, THAILAND – AKARYN Hotel Group, the pioneering Thailand-based hospitality brand, is introducing a series of monthly health and wellness workshops at its stylish boutique luxury city hotel,akyra Thonglor Bangkok.

Aligning mind, body and soul, each experience blends traditional and contemporary practices while integrating elements of stress management, life coaching and yoga to help participants improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

Limited to 15 people per session, the workshops in Bangkok are led by Leila El Krekshi, a certified yoga instructor who qualified at the world’s oldest organized yoga institution in India, and has practised meditation, yoga, dance and capoeira for most of her life. She also has extensive experience leading retreats around the world that integrate multiple therapies, including yoga, creative movement and mindfulness.

Leila has worked in countries as varied as Tunisia, Denmark and Tanzania, both in the private sector and with international organisations. She understands the underlying causes of stress, and her experience in stress management, and techniques to solve anxiety, uniquely positions her to welcome participants from different countries and backgrounds.



Leila leads regular multi-day wellness retreats at Aleenta Hua Hin and Aleenta Phuket and she is bringing key elements of these programs to Bangkok with a series of wellness workshops at akyraThonglor Bangkok, scheduled to take place every month.

The first workshop, Pause & Restore, was held on 21st July and well received by a full group of participants from a range of backgrounds and levels of yoga experience.

The next workshop is scheduled for 18th August 2018 with the theme, ‘Stress: are we really coping?’, when Leila will address the non-stop demands, expectations and deadlines that make modern, everyday life unsustainable in the long run. The workshop is designed to address burnout, struggling with chronic pain, health issues and relationship problems that result when people are unable to find ways to disconnect and turn off the switch.

“According to medical and scientific research, meditation, breath-centric yoga, and breathing techniques can ease such stress, help boost energy, improve sleep and improve overall health, explains Leila. “This session is all about hitting the pause button and turning off the switch to better cope with stress and external pressures.”

The following month, on 29th September 2018, Leila will lead a workshop on ‘Breath Vitality’ with a focus on breath-centered yoga practice and pranayama (breathing techniques), which are among yoga’s most powerful practices to help maintain health, balance emotions, and keep the mind clear.

“A tip that I like to give to my clients, when stress arises and anxiety comes up, is to follow Zen Master Thich Nhat Thanh’s practice of taking three deep conscious breaths. It’s simple yet so powerful,” she explains. “The power of using the breath to reconnect to the body and mind can help ease our anxieties, keep us grounded and bring us back to the present moment.”

According to respected yoga practitioners, few people breathe with full capacity. Instead, their breaths tend to be shallow, often only expanding the upper chest. Stress, past trauma, and tensions caused by fast-paced lifestyle often lead to such shallow breathing and even unintentionally holding the breath.

Through conscious breathing and meditation, people can bring calmness to the body and mind. This relaxation helps to stabilize the nervous system and there are many breathing techniques that can help alleviate stress and restore balance.

Another Pause & Restore workshop will be held at akyra Thonglor Bangkok in October, followed by Yoga for Healthy Living in NovemberAleenta Hotels and Resorts also offer various retreats focusing on stress relief and emotional balance, including 3-day Pause and Restore Getaways, 5- to 6-day Stress and Burnout Retreats, and extended Breath Vitality Programs. Leila can also create bespoke retreats. For more information on these retreats please visit: www.aleenta.com/retreats

To find out more about the ongoing wellness workshops at akyra Thonglor Bangkok, or to make a booking, please contact [email protected]com.