Central Phuket taking this campaign seriously! Stop giving out plastic bags with a target to reduce 15 million plastic bags used in 2019. June 5, World Environment Day designated as the starting day

Khun Wilaiporn Pitimanaaree, Senior Director of Operations Division, Region t 8, Phuket of
Central Pattana Public Company Limited, said that Central Phuket, in cooperation with 15 Central
Group affiliated companies in Phuket organized Central Phuket Say No To Plastic Bag event
according to the Central Group policy to stop giving out plastic bags from June 5 onwards. A policy
will start with the Green Bag To Borrow on June 5, providing four Green counters for bag borrow
service at G floor, 1 st floor, and 2 nd floor, Floresta zone and 1 st floor information counter, Festival
zone. Customers who need to borrow bag shall exchange their ID cards. In case that customers
demand for a bag, a paper bag will be given to them.
Besides, Khun Wilaiporn added that Central Phuket aimed to reduce 15-20 million plastic
bags, which is consistent with the goal of Central Group to reduce the number of approximately 150
million plastic bags in 2019. In the future, tote bags will be available and larger size of them will be
offered. This is the campaign for Phuket residents and tourists to stop using plastic bags. Stop using
plastic bags only one time will result in 2 baht cash back. Soon, there will be promotions related to
the beautiful tote bags for collectors, as well as Say No To Plastic Bag concert under the participation
of famous actors/actresses, artists and agencies in Phuket, especially Phuket governor and hotel
associations that campaign together. This can lead to the positioning of Phuket as a pilot province
for banning plastic bags in Thailand. Phuket is an island and a global tourism center. Without a
campaign about reducing plastic bags, beautiful environment cannot be maintained.
 In addition, the Central Department Store will organize activities to reduce the use of plastic
bags as well. The customers can receive points from The 1 Card up to 40 points if shopping with the
original tote bag purchased from Central Department Store in the next time. The bar code will be
attached on the bag. Customers can accumulate 10 points if using The 1 Card and in case of carrying
a tote bag, customers can get 20 points. If case of Central The 1 credit card payment, additional 20
points will be gained, totaling 40 points per time. For more details, please contact the information
counter at various braches and public relations media of Central Group nationwide.