Chinese New Year 2017 @Sleepwithme Desing Hotel @Patong

Chinese New Year 2017

799 THB.


White prawn wonton roll

Deep fried yellow bean curd

Vegetable spring roll

Roasted beef with better leaf and soya lemon sauce

Chicken satay

Pork dumping with celery



Deep fried chicken sausage with sweet plum sauce

Grilled beef with sesame sauce

Roasted chicken breast and spring bean salad

Tofu skewer with Chinese whisky sauce

                         Deep fried mushroom spicy sauce


Salad bar and verity of condiment and dressing


Warm welcome Chinese family style


Fresh spring roll

Chinese Steamed Bun

Steam chicken wonton

Jock fried chicken.


Soup& Noodle

Fish maw with condiment

Work fried egg noodle with beef stew


Main Crouse

Stir fried kale oyster sauce with roasted pork and garlic chili

Steam fish with sesame oil and celery

Steam baked chicken hip with shitake and sesame oil

Deep fried Squid with tamarind sauce

Braised abalone and shitake mushroom and broccoli with Chinese whisky sauce

Roasted beef with chili and basil sauce

Baked rice with chicken sausage and lotus seed

Streamed Jasmine rice

BBQ Station


Roasted whole chicken, roasted whole duck, roasted pork

And condiment and sauce



Chinese sweet desserts Item

Sesame dumping with ginger syrup

Rambuton and water cashew nut pandanus syrup

Warm Taro in sweet coconut milk

Assorted cake

Seasonal fresh fruit 6 item