Index Launches YOUNIQUE, the Innovative Built-in Technology 4.0, for the First Time in Thailand, Flagging in the Built-in Market and Emphasising the Leader Position in Furniture Industry

Index Living Mall affirms its position as the No. 1 leader in furniture and home furnishings industry by expanding its new business unit in the fourth quarter of the year. YOUNIQUE, the Intelligent Built-in Technology 4.0, is introduced for the first time in Thailand, transforming a space of 35 m2 to be utilized as if it were 53 m2. The Rama II Branch is the first location where the technology is launched, and will cover every other branch within next year. Breaking all the built-in rules enables customers to satisfactorily adjust the design at the price they can set. Surely, the solution offered should be well-received and respond to housing needs. Partnered with loaning service providers and major developers by targeting condominium buyers, Index Living Mall expects sales volume of YOUNIQUE to reach 800 million by 2018 and 3,000 million baht within three years.




Mr.Ekalak Patamasatayasonthi, Vice President for Business Development of Index Living Mall, revealed that, “Thailand’s furniture industry continues to expand, thanks to the increasing number of condominiums and real estate projects, especially along the skytrain routes as well as houses and townhouses, which results in increasing demand of furniture and furnishings. Moreover, there is a growing trend in the furniture industry to customise furniture in which customers can adjust all aspects of designs for full functional spaces and match their distinctive lifestyles within the desired budget. It is a great opportunity for Index Living Mall, as the leader in the furniture industry, to generate more income by expanding its business reach to the built-in market. This is due to the fact that there are some challenges facing customers when they order built-in furniture. These challenges include over-budgeting, unfit built-in with limited space, non-functional built-in, and un-match design, not to mention issues with the craftsman, design, and delivery date that are not what have been agreed upon”





“As such, Index Living Mall has developed a new technology, in line with Thailand 4.0, which is Thailand’s new economic model. YOUNIQUE, first launched in Thailand, is the new business that Index Living Mall has been expanding into, aiming to reduce any hassles and expenses for customers who need built-in furniture. YOUNIQUE is the Intelligent Built-in Technology 4.0 that utilizes a space of 35 m2 so that it feels like 53 m2, which increases the utilisation space by approximately 50%. Moreover, YOUNIQUE is unique as we can create a design that meets customer request perfectly. More importantly, the cost per square meter is lower than the average price of modern built-in by about 20%. Moreover, Reasons why customer choose YOUNIQUE is due to the fact that the Intelligent Built-in Technology 4.0 leaves no even millimeters free space, diverse designs with over a million styles and color at the price you set.”

“Apart from that, YOUNIQUE personal designers can give customers advice and adjust the designs or choose them from over a million colours until satisfaction is met. The Intelligent Built-in Technology 4.0 enables customers to know the built-in cost within 1 minute, differs from other built-in designers that limit the design adjustment to 3 times and take up to 1-2 days for a price quote. This is the first time ever in the furniture industry. Our aim is to ensure that customers will receive the service at the best price. Additionally, YOUNIQUE built-in materials are produced by Index Living Mall, and as such the production standard can be better controlled when compared with other built-in suppliers who outsource production to contractors, resulting in non-standardised finishing. Our production is controlled by smart built-in technology, ensuring less wood waste and reducing labour usage. As a result, the production cost is lower, while the outcome remains the same in terms of standardisation. Customers can also benefit from the Intelligent Built-in Technology 4.0 through showrooms viewing, either virtual 720-degree viewing through a VR system or 360-degree viewing of 10 showrooms, which can be set up at home through at home. YOUNIQUE is truly an innovation that lifts the furniture and furnishing industry to another level.” Besides, customer can leave feedback or book a measurement service via [email protected]

“YOUNIQUE targets condominiums, single houses, and townhome clients with the target customers whose age is in the range of 25 – 40 at the premium mass level serving the demand starting from 22 m2. Customers can inquire for a built-in furniture staring from 3 m2. Regarding the operational plan for YOUNIQUE in 2018, we estimate a growth about 800 million baht in sales volume, and 16,000 clients. The first YOUNIQUE store is located at Index Living Mall, Rama II branch. The company plans to expand 4 more branches within this year, including Bangna, Rungsit, Kaset Nawamin, and Ratchaphruek branches, and all of other branches within 2018. Marketing strategies have also been planned proactively to serve new business expansion, focusing on differentiating itself by breaking the built-in rules. Examples are expanding product lines to grab larger targets and serve mid- and high-end customer groups at affordable prices, increasing 350 personal designers, who provide advice and design services, within 2018 to ensure that all demands are met, and proactive marketing approach through event marketing at exhibition fairs to offer immediate design consulting. At the first exhibition last August at Home Buyers Expo 2017, we received positive feedback and met the target. We are confident that YOUNIQUE will reach a sale target of 3,000 million baht within 3 years” concluded by the Vice President for Business Development of Index Living Mall.

Ms.Pichapim Patamasatayasonthi, Vice President for Product Development of Index Living Mall, stated that “We design YOUNIQUE responsively for life style and convenience of city living in order to harmonize with limited space living in city living nowadays. Also, we emphasize on material selection. “YOUNIQUE’s outstanding point is the material that we use. First, furniture is covered with 100% melamine to ensure its strength, coverage, heat and humid production, and endurance. This is different from other built-ins which use paper-based materials. Besides, we only use wood with E1, the European standard, to ensure the products to be free of formaldehyde residues and do not cause any harm to the respiratory system of the human body or animals. Moreover, a global leading brand in fitting equipment is used in the production. Furthermore, a global leading brand from Germany in fitting equipment is used in the production. YOUNIQUE offers various designs and over a million colours and styles for instance smooth colors and wood stain colors of melamine or the most favorite hi-gloss. Also with our personalized format, customers can maximize space utilization beyond their expectation for instance transforming sleeping to dining area like never before. Furthermore, various designs can be mixed and matched, creating a desired styles like Zen, Natural, Loft, Elegance and traditional styles.”

“Customers can visit YOUNIQUE showroom that is comprised of 6 rooms with 5 styles that are divided according to important moment of life including “Solo” with modern design and function that fit for singles who love independent living style. “Couple” furniture and home furnishings including function and design that is full of love and modernity perfectly match for lovers. “Together” full of designs and essential functions for modern couple who have baby. “Pride” Reflecting on the perfection, style, and pride in living a meaningful life, Built-in furniture that has design and function for family and career years. “Zenith” With elegant home decor ideas reflects the success of the residents to celebrate the perfect life.”

Celebrating the 1st YOUNIQUE at Index Living Mall, Rama II Branch, we have three special promotion campaigns. Free for You offers a complimentary measuring service, valued at 5,000 baht. Special for You promotion where customers can redeem the home decorative item at only one baht when they register the design and measurement service at YOUNIQUE. Lastly, with Your Package, customers will receive savings up to 33,000 baht when they pay the full amount or 0% instalment for 10 months with participating credit card companies. Exclusive promotion for SCB  home loans customers, they will receive savings up to 36,000 baht when they pay with 0% instalment for 10 months and 4 items on Index Home services. These promotions are only valid until 31 December 2017 an only available at Index Living Mall, Rama II Branch.