ONYX Hospitality Group Foundation donates aid packs to residents affected by Southern Thailand floods

Bangkok, Thailand, 30 January 2017—The ONYX Hospitality Group Foundation, led by Ms. Thaveerut

Charupatanapong (front row, left), Executive Vice President—Chief Financial Officer, ONYX Hospitality Group,

donated 220 aid packs containing necessities prepared by ONYX staff volunteers to Ms. Yuvaluck Hemavibul (front

row, right), Director of Communications & Resources Development, Raks Thai Foundation. The donated items will be

distributed by the Raks Thai team in Surat Thani Province to residents who have been affected by the floods.

The ONYX Hospitality Group Foundation was established in July 2011 to support the ONYX Hospitality Group's

charitable and community initiatives, manage legitimate fund-raising, and provide our donors with transparency and

the reassurance that their contributions would be utilised in a responsible way. The foundation is committed to

meaningful and effective programmes to offer relief to victims of disasters, stimulate entrepreneurship to alleviate

poverty and provide education for underprivileged children.