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July 20, 2017 – Phuket, Thailand: JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa proudly presents the Taste of JW, the ‘Ancient Wild’ cooking class at Ginja Cook and the signature set menu at Ginja Taste. Embark on a culinary journey and unearth the wild flavors of Phuket’s rainforests and fisheries, sustainable sourced and perfected throughout the centuries. Guests will step into Phuketian culture during the ‘Ancient Wild’ cooking class, where they will learn how to make authentic dishes with local and experienced Chef Tham, Thai Chef at Ginja Cook.

The ‘Ancient Wild’ cooking class begins 8 am with a wonderful chance to visit the fresh market at Khok Kloi, Phang Nga. Our experience Thai Chef will guide you on the colors, aromas and tasty treats of the local Thai market. Then, stop by at the iconic Sarasin Bridge and the Sai Kaew beach area where the chef will show our guests where we source our sustainable prawn and fish floating farm.

Continue on to the Black Crab Community, guests will have an opportunity to mingle with the locals and walk down to see the Mangrove plantation where the local villagers live and catch the black crabs from.

A tasting menu that is “Authentically Phuket”. It was created to pay respect to Phuket’s rich history, bold flavours and locally grown ingredients. Everyone from culinary novices to top chefs is invited to join our half day experience, during which you will create rare and local dishes, 3 highlighted menu items;

Tom Kha Karmin Pla Thod Kub Fax Kiew: Grandmother5s favourite turmeric infused fish and coconut soup

Gaeng Krua Hed Klaeng Kub Gai Baan: Red curry of cockle mushroom and spring chicken

Pak Mieang Tom Kati Kub Goong Saebueg: “Pak Mieang” and white prawns from Mai Khao
in coconut milk

When the cooking is over, relax and enjoy your own cooked meal with your fellow food lovers.

Liven up your holiday with exciting culinary experiences. Learn the art of fine Thai cuisine at our premier Thai cooking school. Ginja Cook cooking classes are available from Monday to Friday. Advance bookings are required. The Ancient Wild cooking class is limited to 8 people to provide an intimate-group experience. Price at THB 2,900++ per person. To book a class, email: [email protected] or learn more at www.tasteofjw.com

Alternatively, the ‘Ancient Wild’ set menu is available at Ginja Taste. Set in a traditional sala,the Thai restaurant Ginja Taste is surrounded by tropical gardens and boasts a stunning view of the Andaman Sea. Relish a flawless blend of creative culinary techniques, authentic flavours and warm Thai hospitality. For a true taste of island culture, the signature ‘Ancient Wild’ set menu is a must try. The Ginja Taste restaurant opens for dinner from 6 – 10 pm.



Ginja Cook


Ginja Taste


Tom Kha Karmin Pla Thod Kub Fax Kiew


Pak Mieang Tom Kati Kub Goong Saebueg


Gaeng Krua Hed Klaeng Kub Gai Baan




Black Crab Community, Mangrove Plantation at Mai Khao Area


Black Crab Community, Mangrove Plantation at Mai Khao Area