Thailand’s No. 1 Rock Star “Toon” Made a Surprise Appearance at Laguna Phuket’s Charitable Activity More than 500,000 baht raised in a long-term partnership with Phuket Panyanukul School

(Monday 5 June), Laguna Phuket visited Phuket Panyanukul School for children with disabilities and presented donation raised from “Laguna Phuket presents Big Body+ Charity Concert 2016” which was cancelled in August 2016 due to unsettling incidents in the Southern provinces of Thailand a day before the scheduled concert date.    

Beds and bedding sets were donated for Phuket Panyaunkul School to use in “Phuket Panyanukul Hotel” Vocational Skills Development Programme. With objectives to provide training in hotel room preparation and equip the school’s children with knowledge and skills in hospitality, the Programme will expand the students’ career opportunity in Phuket and other tourism destinations after graduation.    

Laguna Phuket has supported the School since 2007, then donated a whopping 1.5 million baht to support the construction of skill development playground, an infrastructure required to improve the students’ learning ability. In 2015, a charity concert “Laguna Phuket presents Bodyslam” raised total donation of 110,000 baht to the School.   

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Today’s activity follows Laguna Phuket’s series of announcement after Laguna Phuket presents Big Body+ Charity Concert 2016’s event cancellation in August 2016 which stated money left from purchased tickets refund will go to Phuket Panyanukul School. The total amount of 510,800 baht was raised and will be managed by a fund specially set up for long-term charitable partnership between Laguna Phuket and the School. The donation of the beds and bedding sets marks the official start of the long-term support.

“We are here today representing Laguna Phuket and all the associates who believe in sustainable community development, the goal achievable only with sufficient educational opportunities given to the young members of our communities at all learning abilities,” said Mr. Anthony Loh, Senior Assistant Vice President of Laguna Phuket,

“Wonderful schools like Phuket Panyanukul are our society’s way of giving these children a place to thrive upon and, with caring teachers and staffs, a place to call home,” he added,

“Laguna Phuket is celebrating our 30th anniversary this year in the theme “Make Laguna Phuket Your Home” with new great events and newly set up ‘Children First Fund’ to extend our community services, making it extra special for us to start the long-term partnership with Phuket Panyanukaul School this year,” he concluded.   

Much to the school’s astonishment, Thailand’s number one rock star and Bodyslam rock band’s vocalist “Khun Toon” made his surprise appearance to interact with the school children, and also added 50,000 baht cash donation from his pocket to the School.


“I am very glad to be here today and meet everyone,” said Khun Toon, “Thanks to Laguna Phuket for organising this activity and to the school for taking good care of the children. Together, I believe, we can all help them achieve their goals and become valuable resources in developing our country.”

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