The First Helicopter wedding flight at The Adventure Mountain Club Phang Nga

On 16th December, TAMC welcomed the first helicopter flight at their Heli-Pad. With over 5 media and wedding companies visiting and enjoying a complimentary helicopter trip, The Adventure Mountain Club guided them through the property and informed them well about the recent changes and the overall concept of TAMC.
It was a pre-wedding photoshoot of a couple who would later get married in Bangkok. Surrendering to the beauty and immensely pristine surroundings, the wedding couples were awake since 5:30 in the morning to capture their most precous moments from The Adventure Peak, which stands at 120 meters above sea level. They spent their whole day at the mountain, around the helicopter, at the roof-deck having breakfast, by the lagoon-side or simply admiring the sea of mist that stood in front of the majestic mountain club.