The Living Art (LVA), TCEB and Ministry of Tourism and Sports successfully created the first experiential art and lifestyle gallery at Blue Tree Phuket

The Living Art (LVA), TCEB and Ministry of Tourism and Sports successfully created the first experiential art and lifestyle gallery at Blue Tree Phuket

August 29, 2020 – In the presence of two governors, the president of the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) and representatives of  the Ministry of Tourism and Sports at Blue Tree Phuket, the much anticipated art gallery “The Living Art Gallery”  opened its doors on Phuket.


The Living Art Gallery functions as base for Phuket’s “Living Art Festival”, an art event that is set to take place from the 26-29 November 2020 in Phuket. The festival supports the local tourism economy by promoting Thai fine arts, crafts, design and culinary experiences. The vision of The Living Arts is to preserve the cultural heritage of local Thai communities, by establishing a market for high-end arts, crafts, design, and culinary experiences on Phuket.


In his opening remarks by Phuket Governor Narong Woonciew, expressed his belief that The Living Art will be a magnet to attract tourists in order to restore Phuket economy and to boost tourism to be back soonest. (interpreted from Thai language)


TCEB President Chiruit Israngkun Na Ayuthaya stated that TCEB is fully supporting The Living Art as a strategic partner and he believes that The Living Art Gallery will be a stage for local Thai artist to showcase their work in order to create a sustainability marketing and build income to the local communities within Thailand. (interpreted from Thai language)


The Living Art CEO and Festival Owner Sornchat Krainara expressed her vision create Phuket as a creative city, a hub of art and lifestyle in, and to redefine tourism in South Thailand to be focused on lifestyle, arts and craftmanship, operated sustainably, and beneficial for the local communities.


The artistic highlight was provided by the internationally acclaimed fashion designer Buncha Chooduang, who presented his collection of purses and costumes made in cooperation with the prisoners of “Dann 3”-penetentiary and their embroidered artwork from Chiang Rai.


At a tour through the The Living Art Gallery’s exhibition the guest were able to meet the artists responsible for creating a Phuket-first: an artistic conversation of Phuket culture, landscape and underwater world created by designer and LVA’s Artistic Director, Wasurat Unaprom with over 300 artworks made by almost 30 emerging Thai artists:


Zone 1: Peranakan culture (Baba-Yaya) in Phuket province


A walk-in art piece inspired by the traditional Peranakan houses of Phuket old town, made by Apparel designer Awika Samukrsaman builds the frame and context for the first of four zones of The Living Art. Khun Awika works closely with local communities to preserve the traditional knowledge of textile and weaving while pushing it towards a contemporary direction. Within the Peranakan house, artists exhibit their interpretation of patterns, colors and symbols of southern Thai culture:


  • Sunisa Assawinrungroj, known to make her intricate embroidery-art feel like painting while taking inspiration from her deceased rabbit companion has created a set of rabbit artworks in traditional Phuket dresses.
  • RungcheewanKamvichit, a designer who takes inspiration from nature around her created traditional yet modern Thai-chinese-inspired dresses from fine Thai silk with the rare and unique Shibori technique of tie-dyed fabrics.
  • Sarawut Yasamuttakes his inspiration from nature and small creatures in our world. His newest set of paintings created for The Living Art under the Peranakan theme features a piece inspired by a Southern woman in her “Baba Yaya” patterned outfit carrying a Chinese-style food carrier while she is surrounded with flowers from Phuket and Indonesia, titled “Sao Phuket” as well as his usual highly colorful, energetic abstract oil paintings radiating happiness and beauty of nature.
  • OngkornSinlapangkul, created a special interpretation of the colors and sights of Phuket in two aethereal fantasy-like paintings of a seahorse and dragon-masked lady as a reminder that beauty comes from the inside while our looks are only masks.


Zone 2: Forest and landscape of Phuket 


The second zone takes the visitor on a journey through Phuket’s landscape from the viewpoint of the artists:


  • Hailing all the way from Chiang Mai local district, Likit Tunouddescribes the interaction of humans and nature and its oftentimes destructive consequences in intricate ink-on-paper drawings.
  • Professor SomlakPantiboon, the grandmaster of northern ceramics known for his pottery workshop Doy Din Dang – a contemporary ceramic artist from Chiang Rai contributed a special collection of nature-colored ceramic sets.
  • Professor Chairit Srisa-ngasomboon, the acclaimed realistic watercolourartist exhibits watercolour works inspired from the various themes of nature.
  • PranaiKasemtavornsilpa, who features Southeast Asian cultures, for example, a figure using the thanaka It is the powder that the Burmese and Mon people wear on their faces.


Zone 3: Blue Ocean, the clear blue Andaman Ocean in the South of Thailand 

No Exhibition of Phuket is complete without an exploration of the famous colorful depths of the Andaman sea.


  • The center of attention in this exhibition is GulachedKaochaimaha, with his powerful portrayals of a mysterious goddess of the sea that morphs into coral reefs and is surrounded by a plethora of sea creatures.
  • PichupaSapanovong who goes by the artist-moniker Plakaatoon (the Thai name for anemone clownfish) contributes with her deeply satisfying acrylic paintings of whales, sea turtles and manta rays as well as her beautifully crafted ceramics depicting the creatures of the Andaman Sea. who finds beauty and harmony of beauty while she is diving deep into the sea.


Zone 4: The Performing Art:  


Lives visual performance art by two Thai artists, Dojo Sareena and Aor Nopawan, both no strangers to international stages having performed overseas on large art events. In their powerful performances the two artists set out to criticize modern consumerist behavior and wasteful communication.


The gallery’s theme-matched furniture was created by famous Bangkok-based furniture design-house Deesawat in collaboration with international designers as well as Chiang Mai’s Moonler design. Deesawat specialize in green furniture manufacturing and contemporary wood outdoor furniture while Moonler’s main focus is on high quality finished products for export markets. Moonler offers handcrafted custom products most of which are designed in-house. Dutchan Jaritngam is a young talented jewelry designer who created a special “Butterfly” collection to be matched with The Living Art’s logo which means freedom, and the ultimate sacrifice for a better rebirth and a more beautiful life. Other fashion accessories for sale at the gallery have been created by Radha Rathke, Nuttawud Intaragumnerd of ODBIJOUX and Narupon Sangboonruang of Karat Jewelry.


At an augmented reality installation, guests were able to try the Living Art Gallery’s own Instagram filters that turn the users into the gallery’s own art pieces. The filters were created by the AR/VR designer Florian Sabatier from HOLOWISP, one of Thailand’s foremost AR designers.


The Living Art at Blue Tree, Phuket is open with free admission every day from 15.00-22.00, or can be visited online and in VR (Virtual Reality) on the website at  For group visits appointments can be made in advance by calling 065 926 9455 or email to: [email protected]



About The Living Art: 

The Living Art is the first leading annual event that aims to support and create a sustainable community by integrating technological experience such as VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) with arts and crafts, by connecting Thailand to the rest of the world.

About Our Partners:


About Our Partners:

The Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) is a public organization founded by royal decree in 2002. It aims to promote Thailand as a destination for meetings, incentives, conferencing and exhibitions (MICE). TCEB has been involved in numerous successful campaigns including: “The Next Best Shows” – In 2012 – a campaign aiming to enhance global visibility of Thailand was developed under “Thailand CONNECT”, with the main key strategies being: win, promote and develop.

Alongside some leading brands from Thailand and the international scene such as True Digital, VietJet Airlines, Love Andaman, Villa Enjoy, VRTwinS, Deesawat Furniture, Moonler Collection, Baan Ar-Jor, just to name a few.


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