The Mai Khao Marine Turtle Foundation organized The 8 th Mai Khao Marine Turtle Release Ceremony on Songkran Day At JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa

17 April 2017 Phuket, Thailand – The Mai Khao Marine Turtle Foundation and its partners organized the 8th

annual Mai Khao Marine Turtle Release Ceremony on Songkran day, April 13. With five hundred hotel’s guests,

Phuket residents, tourists and provincial dignitaries gathered at Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa’s beachfront and

were welcomed by General Manager of the hotel, Mr. Oriol Montal.

The ceremony, presided over by Vice Governor of Phuket Sivaporn Chuasawas alongside with guests of honour

among Acting Sub Lieutenant Vigrom Charktee, Thalang Sheriff; Dr. Kongkiat Kittiwattanawong, Director of

Phuket Marine Biological Center; Captain Suthisak Cheu-Muang-Pak, Director of Department of Civil Affairs, 3rd

Naval Area Command; Mr. Vitoon Dechpramualpol, Intendent of Sirinart National Park; Mrs. Juttarat Ninlahut,

Asst. Director of The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Phuket Office.

“This is a fantastic day and phenomenal way to begin the Thai New Year by releasing 53 new batches of

rehabilitated green turtles into the Andaman Sea and It’s become our traditional event during Songkran Festival

by now. Sea Turtles represent longevity in Thai culture and releasing animals to nature is believed to bring good

luck to the participants. The hotel guests were delighted as this is distinctive experience of their Phuket holiday”

said, Mr. Oriol Montal, General Manager.

All monies have raised through donations during the event, it went towards supporting the Mai Khao Marine

Turtle Foundation and its partners: the Phuket Marine Biological Centre’s injured Turtle Rehabilitation Program

and the Third Naval Area Command’s Turtle Hatchery Program.

Furthermore, the Mai Khao Turtle Foundation also organized the exclusive Turtle release programs on April 15

and 16 from 9 am – 10 am together with IUCN once again this year. The event was supported by the Phuket

Marine Biological Center, The Royal Thai Navy, Department of Marine & Coastal Resources and the International

Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN