ThirdAnnual Thailand Yacht Show to Take Place 22-25 February in Ao Po Grand Marina, Phuket

Experiential Show, organised in partnership with the Thai government, focuses on sustainable

superyacht tourism and charters in Thailand and the region.




23 January 2018, Phuket, Thailand-Hosted by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports and sponsored by the Tourism Authority of Thailand,February’sThailand Yacht Show (TYS) will attract industry leaders and regional consumers alike by combining the best aspects of yacht charter, the boating industry and the maritime luxury lifestyle.

At a Press Conference in Bangkok last week, on 18th January 2018, PrakobWongmaneerung, Vice Governor of Phuket, NitheeSeeprae, Executive Director of Product Promotion Department of TAT and Andy Treadwell, CEO and Founder of the Thailand Yacht Show, along with numerous officials and key business leaders, gathered to re-confirm their commitment to promoting Thailand as Asia’s premier yachting hub. Their objective is to position Thailand as a new luxury tourism destination for the world’s high-spending yachting community.

The Thailand Yacht Show is conceived to promotesuperyacht charter holidays, yacht tourism and on-water sporting activities in one of the world’s most beautiful yet virtually undiscovered cruising destinations, to seasoned marine tourists as well as a new, affluent but as yet uninitiated, consumer audience from Asia. Unlike any other boat show in the region, TYS is conceived as a “try it and see” event which offers a truly immersive experience for newcomers, with cruises, demonstrations and yacht parties for guests to discover the lifestyle first hand.

TYSboosts Thailand’s image as an international yachting and luxury tourism hub and will attract and engage foreign direct investment, positively impacting the high-end tourism industry in the region. The economic benefits for Thailand’s businesses willinclude the creation of more jobs and high-end leisure infrastructure and facilities, as well as developing existing first-class natural, cultural and lifestyle assets. All tourism service sectors will achieve positive economic impact and benefits.

Andy Treadwell, CEO and Founder of the Thailand Yacht Show, said“Our aim is to make Phuket and Thailand the principal hub for yachting in Asia, and a new winter destination of choice for the global fleet of 5,000 superyachtswhich are predominantly based in the Mediterranean in the summer. Thailand’sbeautiful yachting coastlines, dramatic landscapes, perfect year-round weather, and wonderful hospitality appeal to everyone, and with its excellent infrastructure, facilities, marinas and services to support at least 120 superyachts already, the country is a natural haven for nautical tourism.”

Through its partnership with the Thai government, the Thailand Yacht Show team is undertaking an international destination marketing campaign to bring yacht owners, as well as prospective charterers and buyers, to experience Thailand’s luxury maritime lifestyle firsthand. Some tax and immigration issues currently remain unresolved, but Treadwell believes the government’s enthusiastic and proactive stanceon eventually changing these,reflects their genuine desire to get the world’s biggest superyachts coming to Thailand and the wider ASEAN region to spend their millions of tourism dollars.

Renewable energy and latest developments towards sea conservation will be another highlight during the Thailand Yacht Show. “Advances in sustainable technology in transport – the marine industry as well as the automotive sector – are creating a wave of new green products.These are quickly becoming very “current”, sought-after trends and we are going to be introducing some of the most recent ones at TYS”, says Treadwell.



Returning to Phuket’s Ao Po Grand Marina, the third edition of the Thailand Yacht Show (TYS), will take place from 22-25 February 2018.

The lineup for the third edition will feature more of the region’s premier yachting and luxury brands – from stylish superyachts to the latest launches.Local and international visitors will have a chance to view and even try out boats and yachts presented by the country’s leading boat dealers and yacht brokers.

The extraordinary scenery ofPhangNga Bay will serve as a backdrop for electric shows, parties and social gatherings including VIP events on board yachts and floating night-clubs. The popular Demonstration Platform returns again,allowing more intrepid guests to test the latest yachting toys and accessories, and engage in diverse on-water activities.

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