Freshest Beach Cleaning A shocking 800 kg of trash was collected by LUSH Thailand and volunteers on Patong Beach.

More than 20 volunteers got together to join LUSH Thailand’s beach clean-up on Patong beach this past Sunday, 7 July 2019, and the amount of trash they collected took everyone by great surprise.

The clean-up was organised in conjunction with the opening of LUSH Thailand’s new pop-up store in Patong, where volunteering customers and Trash Hero Phuket were invited to take part in the activity. After just 2 hours of picking up litter along the beach, the group ended up with 40 bags of dry trash, weighing approximately 20 kg each.
“I was so excited to go swimming when I heard about the location of our new store,” said Chattin, Head of Social Media for LUSH Thailand. “But I was so shocked to see the amount of trash there was on such a popular and loved beach, and knew this was an issue we needed to tackle immediately.”

Whether it is using recycled rice bags as trash bags, packing food in banana leaves rather than plastic, or encouraging less packaging in products across the board, LUSH Thailand is invigorating the fight against plastic pollution in both large and small ways, to help save the seas for the future.

To find out about other activities they are joining around the island, you can always visit their stores in Central Phuket, Floresta and Central Patong, or find them on social media @lushphuket.


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