Jubilee Diamond The Brilliance of 90 Years Journey

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Jubilee Diamond, Thailand’s most forefront Diamond Retail Jewelry Brand proudly present “Jubilee Diamond The Brilliance of 90 Years Journey”, event is organized during 21-22 September 2019 at Central Festival Phuket, 1st Floor Andaman Treasure.

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The highlight is a display of the Centennial Jubilee 90 Facets, cushion cut diamond has been designed with 90 facets to create enhanced sparkle and brightness. The diamond has 90 masterly hand-cut facets, resulting in an exceptional fire, brilliancy and an astonishing light reflection that exceeds a standard cushion shape by 60%.  Due to the complexity of the cut, the ‘Centennial Jubilee 90 Facets’ can only be polished by the most senior master polishers and the process is about twice as long as for standard diamond cuts. Designing such beauty has been the accomplishment of Baron Christophe de Borrekens, a member of the Belgian nobility. Other sparklers include The Excellence of 19, D Color Triple Excellent 0.19 carat for the first time that come with HRD certificate, handmade jewelry; The Pink Majesty and The Yellow Mystery featured in pieces from the 90th Anniversary collections along with Forevermark’s exhibition of legendary diamonds worn by world-famous celebrities on red carpets and exclusive fashion show from Jooy Warattaya Nilkuha, famous Thai actress and celebrities.

ในภาพอาจจะมี หนึ่งคนขึ้นไป และสถานที่ในร่ม


In the event there are diamond jewelry with big discount more than 50% and many more special promotions for diamond lovers such as D-Color Carat Diamond Special price, Shop Diamond Get Free Diamond promotion, Gift with purchase and Lucky Draw during event period.

More details at https://www.jubileediamond.co.th/, Facebook:  Jubilee Diamond (Thailand)

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