JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa Bolds the 5th Triumph of Health & Wellness Weekend Retreat


Phuket – June 26, 2017: The 18 wellness participants got their health checked and jumped for joy at the 5th Reboot & Reevaluate Your Healthy Reality Check’, hosted by JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa’s Mandara Spa, luxury spa in Phuket. The annual wellness workshop took place from June 15 – 18 and was conducted by life coach extraordinaire Hayden Rhodes from Royal Phuket Marina Health Club; The nutritional specialist Craig Burton; Phuket’s own yoga aficionado Kim White; The gifted artist Christine Reilly and last but not least, certified pure therapeutic grand essential oils Kathy Russell. The Executive Chef Dietmar Spitzer and his skilled kitchen team spiced up the wellness workshop with 4-day nutritious meals. All participants who are passionate in health and wellness, embarked on a journey toward a more complete understanding of the relationship between mind and body, learned the basics of yoga, meditation, life tips and personal nutrition, apply aromatherapy and art therapy to healing on every level; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The wellness workshop kicked off with a gentle rise & shine find your flow and movement as medicine session by Hayden Rhodes, a vitality and celebrity coach who quoted that “Sitting is the new smoking”, the participants practiced the mindful walking and breathing – being aware of each step and of our breath while moving over thousand steps around in the tropical scenery at the Phuket beach resort and being by the Sea is the greatest medicine. The wellness participants also joined in a variety of movement to awaken the body and mind among the gentle rise & shine wake up yoga; steps to meditation; Vinyasa yoga and face off yoga to help build strength, flexibility, balance, focus and inner peace with renowned yoga and the enigmatic Kim White. Throughout the weekend, wellness retreat was followed by comprehensive range of health talks and hand-on workshops, from Oh Crap Dr. Help; reducing inflammation; balancing blood sugar to cooking demonstration and samples from 3 wellness practitioners as well as  ‘Healthy by choice and cooking by heart’ a cooking class with Executive Chef Dietmar Spitzer along with Chef de Cuisine Andrea Genio and their skilled kitchen team. The highlights of healthy cooking menu including Asparagus salad with roasted chickpeas, Melon rice noodle salad, marinated Asian turnip in cucumber wild herbs brew and red radish and roasted vegetables with cauliflower mashed potatoes, thanks to the generosity and support of organic foods sponsor, Pura Organic Foods Limited (www.puraorganic.org) Symbols are a universal means of expression and are a central part of our daily lives.“Art As Therapy: Explore Your Visual Symbols” workshop conducted by talented artist Christine Reilly. The participants created a visual sketchbook of their personal symbols, took time to draw, paint, doodle and notice what symbols are parts of their life and affected them. Aromatherapy workshop conducted by Kathy Russell, it was another fun, nurturing and informative class that the participants learned to apply essential oils to improve the health and well-being of themselves and enjoyed making their own toothpastes, face spritz, Lavender spray and more. Passed it to Craig Burton, the nutritionist was on hand to do blood screening to evaluate the participant’s blood sugar levels, proteins, lipids, inflammatory markers and solutions, helped determine their own health challenges and as with all nutritional advice, moderation is key and recheck the blood test in every 3 – 6 months to see the better healthy blood results. Linda Overman and her Mandara Spa’ therapists ensured that the participants were pampering and relaxing at the Mandara Spa throughout the wellness weekend. Stay tuned with us for the next energising wellness workshop which will be taking place during October 2017. Do not miss out; limited numbers 15 – 20 participants only to ensure VIP treatment. For more information, please contact Linda Overman, Spa Director, Mandara Spa, email: [email protected] or call +66 7633 8000 ext. 3752. Logon to website