Let’s create a joyous and festive New Year’s Eve in style with IKEA’s new VINTERFEST collection

Let’s create a joyous and festive New Year’s Eve in style with IKEA’s new VINTERFEST collection And spread happiness to children with SAGOSKATT soft toys

ในภาพอาจจะมี ตาราง และ สถานที่ในร่ม

For this upcoming New Year’s Eve, many people are looking forward to the long holidays when they can relax and spend heartwarming moments with their families. Some might think about a new beginning, to start doing good things for themselves and others along with deciding on their New Year’s resolutions. IKEA would like to be a part of these impressive and happy moments with every family around the world through home decoration ideas from the new VINTERFEST collection. Whatever your style, you can turn your home into a celebratory space for every family member.

ในภาพอาจจะมี ตาราง และ สถานที่ในร่ม

The VINTERFEST collection, first introduced in 2019, is inspired by modern ways of celebrating and bringing people together under the concept of Scandinavian, Casual, and Joyful. Throughout, you’ll find joyful, bold forms coming from a Scandinavian heritage that is simple, yet rich in patterns. The expression is significant for its conscious materials, fresh reds, blues and neutrals.

ในภาพอาจจะมี 1 คน, กำลังนั่ง, ตาราง และ สถานที่ในร่ม

Bring the holiday season to every corner of your home in style, starting with popular items such as the STRÅLA lampshade, tea light holder, decorative Christmas items, tableware, tablecloth, and pastry cutters. And ask your loved ones to join you for a special afternoon tea with Christmas treats which can include gingerbread cookies, chocolates, and a sweet gingerbread house which you can make together creating your very own masterpiece while ensuring the fun activities bring everyone together in the holiday spirit.

ในภาพอาจจะมี รองเท้า

And you can wrap things up with our annual activity for kids. The Let’s Play project, initiated by IKEA, supports children’s right to play around the world, and introduced the SAGOSKATT soft toy collection. This collection was created from the imaginations of kids who joined IKEA’s famous soft toy drawing competition worldwide and which were produced into real soft toys. Over 87,000 pictures were submitted for the competition. The six drawings that were selected to be produced into the soft toy collection are: Rully the dancing robot; Gurki the superhero cucumber; a little monster that gives warm hugs; Jesse the party mouse; a playful giraffe who loves healthy food; and a rainbow boy wearing socks. All are now available for purchase at IKEA stores. Funds raised from the soft toy collection will go to local projects that support children’s right to play. Another goal is to activate their imaginations, and encourage every child’s to play with a purpose and to let them help one another.


Special for customers in Phuket! IKEA is ready to serve up some happiness to mark the end of the year, and bring in the New Year with three new items on the menu including Santa Hot Mocha (THB 65), Christmas Smoothie (THB 89), and Choco Reindeer Cake/ Butter Snowman Cake (THB 80), from December 1 – 31, 2019. IKEA is also introducing breakfast menus, beginning at just THB 55, for customers in Phuket to get the right start to their day.


This Christmas, fulfill the joyous moments at the end of the year in your style with our new Vinterfest collection and support IKEA’s commendable Let’s Play project today at IKEA Bangna, IKEA Bang Yai, IKEA Phuket, and IKEA Online Store at ikea.com/th