Nara Thai Cuisine 1st branch South Thailand

Nara was born out of the passion for food shared by two women. Both were brought up in a culture of love and care for cooking. Narawadee (Yuki) Srikarnchana absorbed the rich traditions and attachment to Thai Cuisine from her family.

With her passion in cooking and being exposed to different cuisines and culture growing up. Her cooking style is both traditional yet at the same time experimental.  Many of the popular dishes found at Nara or Apinara are her creations. The Restaurant name ‘NARA’ comes from her name which in Sanskrit language means ‘woman’.

Sirisopa (Jean) Chulasewok descends from the  family who had served under King Rama V. Time-honored traditions of Thai food has been passed down for generations and she has always known food to be the center of a happy family life, a place where everyone congregated to enjoy each other’s company. When she and Yuki decided to open Nara, it was out of this shared love for food and all that it represents, the joyous moments of sharing between family, friends, and now the customers. Thus the story of Nara began in earnest.

Nara first opened for business in 2004 and has since served countless delicious dishes using the best ingredients. Both women are proud to have elevated boat noodles from a humble street-food staple to famed dish at Nara.

At present, with its sincere taste of authentic Thai cuisine, Nara has received much love from both local and foreigner alike. The group now has 10 branches at Erawan, Central World, Siam Paragon, Central Embassy, Emquartier, King Power Rangnam, Mega Bangna, The Market Bangkok, Icon Siam and Terminal 21 Pattaya.


ในภาพอาจจะมี ตาราง และสถานที่ในร่ม

Nara Thai Cuisine, Central Phuket Floresta

This journey has been an endless source of pride for both women; all the more so on occasions when Nara was approached to expand overseas. In opening each branch abroad, they are able to introduce Thai food to the world. Today, Nara can be found in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Myanmar and Philippine. Bringing their dreams to life under the slogan ‘The Journey of Thai Taste,’ these two women are steadfastly introducing the flavors they know and love to the world. They are proud to be Thai and are honored to be able to represent Thailand abroad.

Today Nara has officially opened its latest branch, this one being the first in the south of Thailand. Nara at Central Phuket Floresta, welcome diners yet again to experience the unforgettable Taste of Thai and the charm of friendly Thai’s service. To celebrate this joyous day Nara Thai Cuisine also created an exclusive dish especially for the Phuket branch.


ในภาพอาจจะมี อาหาร

(Top Left): Andaman Parcel, (Top Right): Garnet Ribs & (Bottom) Mighty Ocean

Andaman Parcel – Fresh Seabass is deep-fried, bite through the golden and crispy exterior and taste the freshness of the fish. Dressed with the famous green chili sauce along with herbs of many health benefits, enjoyed wrap in Betel leaf for extra depth of flavor.

Mighty Ocean – Juicy and sweet King Prawn stirred fried with Bitter Bean, a southern delicacy with unique aroma and taste. Added to the flavor is Salted Egg creating a tasty addiction which will leave you asking for more.

Garnet Ribs – Soft and tender Sous Vide pork ribs, cooked in Nara’s special Red Curry and coconut milk for an intense taste and aroma. This dish is best enjoyed with Jasmin rice.

Evoking a sense of culture as well as comfort, Nara combines the highest quality ingredients and age old recipes. A restaurant for everyone with a passion for Authentic Thai food can experience Thai cuisine in a relaxed ambience with good service. Nara welcomes diners to experience the unforgettable journey of Thai taste with our friendly service to make your dining a memorable one and 15% discount 16 – 31 July 2019