Novotel Phuket Phokeethra celebrated 50th Anniversary AccorHotels at Estrela Sky Lounge

November 2017, Phuket -There is something to celebrate about 50 years of exciting adventures and grand innovations. But don’t imagine that we would be rejoicing with pomp and ceremony, streamers and fireworks. That’s old-fashioned and for the faint-hearted. What we want is to show the world that at the grand age of 50, we’re not done with innovating or impressing people with our “Feel Welcome” spirit. On November 19th, together we are all going to open our doors to the people who don’t usually come through them, to our neighbors, those “Local Heroes”

Every day, hundreds of residents pass our hotels without stopping by. And every day, in our neighborhoods, those very same people protect us, care for us, educate us, entertain us, feed us and make our lives easier. They are our “Local Heroes”. They are doctors, nurse, ambulance drivers, teachers, policemen, firemen, artists, bakers, grocers, volunteer workers and so on. They look after us and our neighborhoods. So now it’s time we looked after them.

Just imagine. All together, on the same day, the entire AccorHotels Family pays tribute to the hospitality industry with a “Feel Welcome” day on November 19th. Our management team led by General Manager of Novotel Phuket Phokeethra, Cedric Besler, has invited our Heroes to join our special cocktail night at ESTRELA Sky Lounge. Our Heroes include Vice Governor, Provincial Administration Organization, Doctor, Nurse, Lawyer, Fireman, Proprietor, National Team Badminton Athletes, and Travel Agent and so on.

To entertain our Heroes, we will provide delicious gourmet food and special drinks, accompanied by soothing music from a local DJ.


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