Phuket Chinese New Year and Old Town Festival, 21st

ในภาพอาจจะมี ข้อความ

Phuket City Municipality is cooperated with Phuket Boutique Accommodation Consortium (BAC) would like to invite all Phuket people and all travelers to join the annual festival which calls “Phuket Chinese New Year and Old Town Festival, 21st”. from 30th January – 1st February 2020. We design wealth archway which calls ““Feng Fu Lu” in Chinese means wealth and prosperity. To pass through this archway you will receive good luck, happiness wealthy and prosperity. The area is located from Thew Nam junction till Charter Bank junction.

In the festival, you will enjoy food, craft, shopping and exhibition and many things will bring us back to remember about Phuket historical life and culture. Some of our decoration is combined between old and modern. All booths try their best to stop using plastic and using eco packaging instead.

Moreover, there are many performance show on stage every nights for example traditional dancing, Tee Nee Phuket on tour program, old Phuket language talk especially last night BabaYaya (traditional costumes) fashion show and some traditional card games. Including workshop; bead sawing, towel folding, food carrier painting.

Finally, BAC has a special accommodation promotion “Feng Fu Lu 21.- THB”. To book accommodation with BAC group only 21.- THB and pay online 21.- THB only via our system. Then, we have 5 difference accommodation styles to let you select (121.- / 521.- / 921.- / 1,521.- and 1,921 THB). The balance payment you can pay directly with the hotel on check in date. Please note that all booking need to be booked in advance for 14 days before check in date. The promotion can book during 30th January – 1st February 2020 and period stay from 15th February – 30th October 2020. All conditions can be changed without inform.