Bali Lush Collection

Bali Lush Collection


ryn is the Thai high-end brand offering beauty and organic spa products, whose main ingredient is derived from precious Thai herbs – optimized by essential oil from exotic plant and flower extracts. The result is the magnificent balance of product benefits and mild fragrances. ryn avoids any risky element and chemical that could cling to and harm the skin in the long run, Body skin, in particular, with its larger scale, could absorb far more chemicals than facial skin, and, thus, should be treated with organic products that are safe for the skin such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (SLES) – harmful chemical that could cause skin cancer if used for a long time; preservatives; and Parabens.

ryn’s products are categorized into 5 collections, each of which possesses its own unique scent, character, and skin solution. The collection names are all inspired by many world destinations – representing different exotic places as different sources of each collection’s main ingredient. The names display the products’ journey of being crafted and developed to suit and serve the collection’s different skin solutions.

ryn proudly presents the first and popular collection: Bali Lush Collection – skincare products derived from Frangipani extract for naturally bright, smooth, and soft skin. The extract inhibits oxidations while hydrates the skin. Frangipani’s brightening and smoothening power is enhanced by 6 fruit extracts full of Vitamin A and C: lemons, apples, peaches, mangoes, apricots, and kiwis. Skincare routine is perfected with fresh and sweet scents of bergamots, pomelos, Ylang-ylangs, and Rosewood.

Bali Lush Collection is inspired by its main efficient ingredients: bergamot and Frangipani. The perfect combination represents Bali – the heavenly charming destination for million visitors around the world. Bali’s key attraction is its spas providing the not-to-miss treatments amid the relaxing ambience of blooming Frangipani trees that radiates sweet and pleasant fragrances.

The collection consists of 6 products: Body Scrub, Body Wash, Body Oil, Body Lotion, Hand Wash, and Hand Cream.


Bali Lush Body Oil

A concentrated body oil that deeply nourishes, revives and keeps skin’s moisture for longer hours thanks to the nourishing power of almond and jojoba oil, and marigold extract. Bali Lush Body Oil is designed for dry to normal skin, and can both be applied for an after-shower massage, and mixed with water for a relaxing shower.

Price: THB 1,500 (Size 250 ML)


Bali Lush Body Wash

A body wash that gently cleans and hydrates the skin. The power of coconut oil and Vitamin E deeply nourishes the skin even during shower. Bali Lush Body Wash is designed for every skin type.

Price: THB 950 (Size 250 ML)


Bali Lush Body Scrub

A body scrub that gently exfoliates and removes dirt from pores. The rich cream along with the special scrub bead proves to be gentle and non-irritating for skin. Bali Lush Body Scrub is designed for normal to oily skin.

Price: THB 1,550 (Size 200 ML)


Bali Lush Body Lotion

A lightweight, fast-absorbing body lotion that deeply moisturizes and softens the skin with the power of almond oil, Evening Primrose extract, and Shea butter. Bali Lush Body Lotion is designed for every skin type.

Price: THB 1,250 (Size 250 ML)


Bali Lush Hand Wash

A gentle, non-irritating, hand wash that does not only cleanses, but also balances the skin’s PH, and moisturizes the skin. Hands are hydrating, soft, and smooth from coconut oil and Vitamin E nourishment. Bali Lush Hand Wash is designed for every skin type.

Price: THB 790 (Size 250 ML)


Bali Lush Hand Cream

A skincare product for soft and smooth hands derived from the power of Shea butter. Hands will be hydrating thanks to the product’s exclusive ingredient: Sugar Gelss, which locks the skin’s moisture by creating the protective film over the skin. Bali Lush Hand Cream is designed for every skin type.

Price: THB 1,350 (Size 250 ML)


Seven locations for product distributions:

– The EmQuartier, 4th fl. (in front of Kinokuniya store)

– Anantara Baan Rajprasong Bangkok Serviced Suites

– Coincidence, GMM Grammy Place

– Statement, Thonglor 11

– Humming Lifestyle Salon, 1st fl., Eight Thonglor

– Hotel Grand Mercure Phuket Patong

– Royal Gems Pavilion Phuket