Hideaway Valley Chalong by Boat Pattana

With inspiration from….. Nature of Nakkerd hill or also known as Phuket’s Big Buddha hill, which is covered by delightful forest, remarkable mountain range and fresh air, resembling Phuket 20 years ago, that bring back the good memory of life in the past.

Hideaway Valley Chalong by Boat Pattana

Hideaway Valley Chalong by Boat Pattana 6

Hideaway Valley Chalong by Boat Pattana 4

Hundreds of good old memories and feelings from the past have sprung up in the brainstorm session at Boat Pattana company office, after our team visited the site and absorbed the atmosphere of the surrounding area. Sample of these memories are mommy’s backyard with organic vegetables, daddy’s multifunctional garage, which is more than just a car park, granny’s cooking for children to help preparing and have fun messing up her kitchen during their holiday, and last but not least, patio area for family to enlighten relationship , chit chat and share words of wisdom from one generation to another. Many pictures mentioned herein are the good sample of the past that started to fade away today. So, many questions come up into our mind…

“Every day that we move forward, how could we not leave the good memories behind?”

“How could the children in our generation , experience the happy way of life in the good old days?”

“If only we could bring back the good old days, what sort of memories that we would like to offer to our residence?”

From our inspiration and various questions, they lead to our intention to create quality residential project as another alternative for people living in this vicinity.

Hideaway Valley Chalong by Boat Pattana 3

Hideaway Valley Chalong by Boat Pattana 2

From “the good old days” concept, we then focus our design on family activity area, which create memorable moments. However, these good old feelings may have been left out in the present residential project, which are highly competitive and inevitably reduce the usable area of the house significantly. Therefore, we would like to present our project to be a brand new alternative for family , who are long for “the good old days” memories.

Hideaway Valley Chalong by Boat Pattana 5

Anyway, if you would like to know , what make our project stand out from the others , Please make an enquiry for more information at Boat Pattana sales office or tel 085 954 9509