Phuket Review Illuzion Pub Patong

PHUKET: “ Imagine renting out your very own club. The event has been coordinated by us with you every step of the way and everything is organized and your heart beats loudly as you walk in, as you are nervous about your big event. Hostess opens the door for you and you see everything has been perfectly orchestrated. The DJ is there playing music for your guests, cocktail waitresses serve you champagne and the crowd greets you as you walk onto the dance floor ”

Phuket Review Illuzion Pub Patong

A total of 4600 Sq.Ft. our spectacular Night Club venue can accommodate up to 3000 guests and in a unique location.

ILLUZION features a full production enabled facility: Full HD 75 sq. ft. LED WALL, sound and lighting system, DJ booth and stage capable of accommodating live musical acts, private restrooms, private lockers and a massive check-in reception.
The complex has a private VIP room, separate balconies surrounding the area with multiple bars and an enormous dance floor.

Phuket Review Illuzion Pub Patong 4

Ideal events include: Corporate party, private party, shows entertainment, award ceremonies, wedding receptions, private band performances, holiday parties, product launches, hosting a client party, celebrating a birthday, non-profit event and whatever else you can dream of.
We can also create a unique space for your next meeting to help provide you with the ideal setting.

Phuket Review Illuzion Pub Patong 3

Our venue is a flexible space that can be decorated and partitioned to meet your specific needs.
Whether that means, organizing VIP sections, high top tables, a large stage for a full band, valet service, cocktail waiters/waitresses, light appetizers, full buffet, dancers or whatever else you need to make your event special, our events coordinator is ready to make it happen for you.