Planet 21 – Soap For Hope Event at Novotel Phuket Vintage Park

Following the opening campaign of the Soap For Hope program at the Credit Union Bank in Phuket Town on the 5 th March, 2016 in cooperation with Sealed Air (Diversey Care) and Accor Hotels, the Novotel Phuket Vintage Park took the opportunity to invite all our guests and friends from our Phuket community during the Planet 21 Day (Accor Hotels Environmental Program) on the 21st April, 20.


We are very pleased with our successful day on planet 21 the Soap For Hope by Phuket Community Foundation at our resort. More importantly are all beautiful locals’ people, our in-house guests who joined and come to support the event and who purchased a lot of the nice Otop products. We finally raised a good amount of money for Phuket Community Foundation by selling their Otop products and donations; it came to a total of THB 8,866.


The program’s objective is three-fold: to save lives by promoting a cleaner and healthier environment through proper hand-washing with soap; to provide a means of livelihood for local communities through learning a new skill; and to help hotels reduce waste by recycling used or discarded soap. Once used soap is collected from the hotels, it is transported to local communities and the local people re-process the soap using a specially customized cold-press method that requires no running water and electricity. The reconstituted soap bars are then distributed to communities that have limited access to basic hygiene amenities.


The housewives occupation group has been trained in the soap making process and the ladies will make the soap on a regular basis. They will be able to make a small income from the soap to help support their families. The income for the Community Foundation will go to support the various community projects of the foundation including giving out some of the soap to local communities and schools.


The Phuket Community Foundation’s mission is to help maintain or improve the quality of life in Phuket for everyone – regardless of their origins, their beliefs, or their social or financial status – with particular emphasis on: poverty alleviation; preserving the environment; education (of both children and adults); promoting art and culture; preserving the island’s architectural and historical heritage; improving public safety; and boosting public health. We look forward to this event again in the near future.



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