Review Kabuki Japanese Cuisine Theatre presents Japan’s distinguished Sanuki Olive Wagyu Beef

Phuket : 25 December 2015 : JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa proudly presents an extraordinary evening with “Sanuki Olive Beef”, on Thursday January 7th, 2015 from 6.30 – 9.30 pm, at Kabuki Japanese Cuisine Theatre.


The Executive chef Dietmar Spitzer and his skilled team will create the impeccable 5-course menu featuring an award winning, olive- fed, premium Wagyu from Kagawa, Japan and complimented by exceptional beverage offerings. The highlights include a selection of Japanese appetizers includingTempura Wagyu beef rolls with asparagus, enoki mushroom, Wagyu beef sushi on top of foie gras with hoisin sauce and seared wagyu beef Tataki jelly ponzu and the main course of Wagyu beef steak rib eye Teriyaki Suteki with Shimeji mushroom just to name a few.

Sanuki is the former name of Kagawa. Farmers in Kagawa began growing olives over 100 years ago, when Shodoshima island became the site of the first successful olive cultivation in Japan. Sanuki Wagyu has been raised in the warm Seto Inland Sea region for many years. The high-quality Sanuki Olive beef was created through the fusion of two historic industries; a combination completely unique to Kagawa. The olive is a symbol of Kagawa. “Olive Beef” is produced using cattle bred in Kagawa and fed on the remains of pressed olives.

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The Japan Meat Grading Association’s Carcass Trading Standards ranks Sanuki Wgyu at grade A and B for its quality and taste, and it is awarded both Gold and Silver labels for its meat quality. According to the association’s test, Sanuki Wagyu is 1.5 times more umami and 1.2 times more tender than branded wagyu beef. Moreover, olive oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acid and serves as a strong antioxidant, allowing foodies to enjoy wagyu beef that is less oily than that of the average wagyu brands. Olive beef is exclusively made on Kagawa Prefecture under strict controls to ensure the highest quality.
The delectable 5-course dinner is available throughout the month of January 2016. Priced is at THB 3,800++ per person. The Kabuki Japanese Cuisine Theatre is open for dinner from 5 to 10 pm. To make a reservation, please contact the Food & Beverage team, Tel +66 076 338 000 or email: [email protected] : website


Tempura wagyu beef roll with asparagus ang enoki mushroom.
Wagyu beef sushi on top of foie gras with hoisin sauce.
Seared wagyu beef takaki jelly ponzu.
Merlot,Beringer.Founder’s Estate, California.


Menu 2 : SALAD
Crispy wagyu beef,green salad with mayonnaise,kabayaki sauce ang tobiko.
Red Zinfandel, Beringer Classic, California


Menu 3 : SOUP
Canadian lobster clear soup with Japanese yuzu.
Chardonnay, Beringer Founder’s Estate, California.


Wagyu Beef steak rib eye teriyaki suteki with shimeji mushroom.
Cabernet Sauvignon, Beringer Founder’s Estate, California.



Menu 5 : DESSERT
Passion Fruit ice cream with rock salt and coconut loam.
White Zinfandel, Beringer Classic, California.