The Slate Phuket เปิดคลาสจัดดอกไม้สุดหรู Heliconia Floral Art Workshop กับคุณ Michael Pritchard

Phuket, Thailand – The Slate, formerly Indigo Pearl Phuket was held the class for those guests and outsider participating for the Floral Art Workshop with Michael Pritchard at Heliconia, the floral room, The Slate Phuket.


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About Michael Pritchard – Born in Sydney Australia, Michael had 3 of the most successful flower businesses that were very innovative at the time. He moved to Bali in the 90’s and established a design company, an interior business and a high end gallery.


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In 2001 Heliconia (Bali) was opened as there was a growing demand for a more modern approach to flower design using tropical flowers. Heliconia was an immediate success. Michael and his team of designers started creating flowers in a way that no one had seen before – very modern, structural, and strong in element, using many organic materials. But saying this they can still create elegant and classic designs to suit all occasions.


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This acceptance from the industry has taken Michael and his team to an international level and they have worked in many countries out of Indonesia including Jordan, Singapore, India, Vietnam, Australia and of course, Thailand.


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Michael bestows Heliconia’s unique brand of floral design upon each centrepiece and decoration in every suite and every corridor of The Slate. All works make exclusive use of long lastingtropical flowers and greenery and they provide a touch of style to luxury villas, weddings, or other events or simply as special gifts.


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