Thanyapura Health and Sports Resort welcomes newest International Medical Advisor, Dr.Colleen Galvin to Integrative Health Centre

Thanyapura Health and Sports Resort is looking forward to welcoming its newest International Medical Advisor, Dr.Colleen Galvin replacing Professor Dr. Michael Klentze, who has been instrumental in the setting up and development of Thanyapura’s Integrative Health Centre in Phuket.


Dr.Colleen has over 25 years of experience working as a clinician and has held various senior management roles mainly in the state of Florida (USA), focusing on Anti-Ageing and Vitality medicine. Dr.Colleen is also a Doctor in Oriental Medicine, Osteopath and a certified Naturopathic physician with professional exposure in China. She holds an additional certification in Ozone therapy.
Dr.Colleen will join Thanyapura Integrative Healthcare Center in the capacity of International Medical Advisor and will support the medical, allied health, nursing and Wellness group in key areas such as case management, clinical education, product development and patient relations, among others.


When asked why she chose Thanyapura, she reflects, “I was inspired by the vision behind Thanyapura’s integrated health and wellness concept, combined with sports and education. I am honored to be working alongside other medical professionals to support Thanyapura’s objective to enhance its preventive and vitality portfolio of products and services, and support the local and international community to Optimise their lives.”


Dr.Colleen will join Thanyapura Integrated Health Center in April 2018.